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PREMIUM COCONUT OIL MCT Our premium MCT formula means that the Medium-Chain Triglycerides are easy on the stomach, and are immediately transported to the liver where they are rapidly utilized for energy and not stored as fat. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE The American Society for Clinical Nutrition published a study comparing the metabolic impact on two separate groups of men, one consuming 48g of MCTs and the other consuming 45g of LCTs (from corn oil). Consumption of MCTs was found to increase metabolic rate by 12% more than the group consuming LCTs. THE LEFT COAST PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE Left Coast Performance MCT Oil is composed of 100% pure, MCT Oil, derived from coconut. We stand apart from other companies by ensuring that each batch is created using a low-heat, time consuming process. Plus, every batch is tested for heavy metals and impurities, meaning that we only deliver the purest, most nutritious MCT Oil that meets our mile-high standards. DIRECT TO CONSUMER SALES ONLY MEANS BIG SAVINGSWe are a small family company that takes pride in delivering the finest quality MCT Oil. This means that we skip the middle man and are not bound by the pricing of big box retailers. Other premium MCT Oils sell for around $20 for just 16 oz! Our premium MCT Oil offers 32 oz.for nearly the same price. Made in the USA at a Food Grade, GMP Certified Facility in Iowa PLASTIC PET, BPA FREE FOOD GRADE CONTAINER. Country of Origin: Malaysia.

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